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Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Cattle Dog (Australian)
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ZUES: Zeus is a lovely natured boy, who is still a big puppy at heart, and would love to just be a big part of someone's daily life. Zeus loves to chase balls, but hasn't quite got the hang of bringing them back yet LOL. He loves to learn and show off commands he has learnt to impress you, and his favourite is the paw shake. He also enjoys an array of chew toys, and requires an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise | He can sit, take food gently, and has great indoor manners. Zeus is looking for an owner who wants to guide him further with training and who will find reward in him learning and wanting to make you proud. Zues is great with children however would be best suited to children over 7 as he can get excited when playing like any young boy, but can also calm his energy levels on command. Zues loves everyone one he meets especially females, he can sometimes take a minute to warm up to you but once he has he will love you forever | Zues is brilliant in the car on short or long trips, and he falls asleep in the back of the car. When he cuddles with you he likes to get as much of himself on to you as possible, and he loves a good tummy rub. He likes to sit and place two paws on your knee/leg/arm for attention and he does this very gently | He loves nothing better than to cuddle with you on the lounge, floor, or anywhere you happen to be, and he just wants a loving family that can spend time with him and lavish him with love | Zues is best suited to an owner who is home quite often and a home where he isn't left alone for long periods, as he values companionship. He hasn't had a stable life so far and takes comfort in knowing his family is present and loyal to him | Important note: Zeus requires a calm natured person who is willing to help build his confidence, and needs a patient person who will give him the time and support to settle into his new surroundings, in his own time and at his own pace | AGE: 21 months old | BREED and/or SIZE: Staffy X Cattle Dog | SEX: Male | Good with kids: best suited to older children | Good with dogs: no | Good with cats: | dependent upon meet | Good with small animals: dependent upon meet | Special needs/requirements: Zues does require coconut oil to be rubbed into his skin approx. very 3rd day and 6ft fencing | Adoption Fee - $450 includes first vaccination, microchip & desexing | To apply to adopt please email us at with subject line "Attention: Maria Re: Zeus - Staffy X Cattle Dog" | Please include contact phone numbers and a little about the home you can offer


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