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Siberian Husky X Alaskan Malamute
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Introducing playful Alex - a young Husky x Malamute. Alex is a typical fun loving adolescent who looks for a game in everything he does - if there is an opportunity for playtime he'll raise his paw to join in. 
Alex would enjoy a home with a super friendly female canine friend - one who can show him the ropes and be a great role model for him as he grows. Alex is a mischievous monkey who has been through a few homes in his short life - so he would love a family with arctic breed experience who will understand his quirks and commit to helping him grow into a well mannered adult . 
Alex responds well to positive training techniques and distraction food games like "Find It". Like many of us he's uncomfortable when he's rushed or forced to do things - he responds better with calm confidence and positive rewards. He absolutely loves playing with toys and understands "trading" for a treat - he is a smart boy who is willing to learn. 
Alex is best suited to a couple or a home with older teenagers . He is jumpy when excited and during playtime so he may accidentally knock over smaller kids or toddlers. As with most arctic breeds, he is best suited to a home without pocket pets or cats. He would love a daily walk and would make a wonderful jogging companion if you are into fitness. Alex would enjoy a grassed, well-fenced yard where he can play with his toys and do zoomies. 
Alex will be a delightful boy with the right guidance through his teenage years - so if you are after a loving boy who is eager to follow your calm and confident lead then please consider Alex as your new fluffy companion! 
Alex has been vet checked and appears in good health 
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