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Introducing Mia and Sabre - a bright eyed and bushy tailed pair of fun loving arctics . Mia and Sabre are friendly and playful when meeting new people and they are both good with older kids or teenagers who are used to friendly affectionate dogs. 
Sabre is a gorgeous red 5.5 year old Siberian Husky who is smaller than his buddy Mia. Sabre is very pretty (for a boy!) - his toffee coloured eyes and delicate features are irresistible. Sabre is confident and a tad aloof with people at times - he can be more interested in exploring his surroundings until he has bonded with you (until he realises you have treats!) Sabre is a typical boy who likes to get his paws dirty rolling around in the dirt and goofing around. 
Sabre would do well with a refresher in his basic training - he responds nicely to treat and reward based training and is particularly responsive to men. Although he's playful, he can also be a sensible boy who is easy going. He can keep himself entertained with zoomies but he also likes to check out what his buddy Mia is up to and he will often follow her lead. 
Mia is an affectionate 8.5 year old Alaskan Malamute who is the larger of this adorable pair. She is a solid girl with hazel eyes and a thick coat which means there's more of her to cuddle! Mia is a total shmoocher who will go to anyone for pats and who could take belly rubs and cuddles all day. This doe-eyed teddy bear will perch herself proudly up on chairs so she can watch what's going on, and she's been known to think she is small enough to be your lapdog. 
Mia is a people-pooch who loves to be by your side or playing with toys with you. She enjoys a game of tug-o-war or chewing on chew-toys. When she's excited she will talk to you and click her teeth together in excitement - she enjoys treats however she needs to learn how to take them gently! She is a gentle giant who, like her buddy Sabre, just needs a refresher in basic manners training. 
If you are looking to adopt an instant arctic family then look no further than Mia and Sabre. They are a pair with very individual personalities who compliment each other beautifully. Please contact us for more information on Mia and Sabre. 
Mia and Sabre have been vet checked and appear in good health 
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