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Akita Inu X
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Are you ready to fall in love? Yes? Then please meet our Miss Prinny - what can we say about Prinny? Delightful, irresistible, cuddly, happy, affectionate, content, loveable, scrumptious - the list can go on all day! Prinny is a 3.5 year old Akita who is a true people-dog. She is at her happiest with you - she comes when called, she will trot along with you as you potter around the house or garden and she is at her most content leaning on you for a pat or laying at your feet. 
Prinny is a treasure - she is a quiet and well-mannered girl who enjoys her treats and rewards of any kind (especially pats). She sits and drops and will be a pleasure to train as she loves to focus on you. She thrives with rules and will respond well to an environment where she knows where those boundaries are. 
Prinny would love a home where she can be the only pet so that her own interactions with her humans can be the focus. She is not a fan of other dogs - she has no desire to play or socialise with them. She has previously lived with another male Akita however they just tolerated each - Prinny truly just wants to be with people. 
Prinny will enjoy a daily walk and despite her large size walks quite well on lead. She's not a high energy gal so she doesn't need a long walk and she's content to laze about afterwards. She has an amiable, easy-going nature and doesn't need to be entertained. She will potter around the yard sniffing and trot back to you for a cuddle to remind you that she loves you. 
Prinny has gorgeous panda facial markings and lovely teddy-bear button eyes. Her coat is short and thin currently but it should thicken up over the coming months as she thrives with her new family on a good quality diet. Her curly tail is regrowing it's hair so will hopefully be a big, fluffy plume soon. She is a majestic looking lady. 
Prinny may suit a home with a smaller yard or even a townhouse as long as she got a walk each day. Due to her human focus she needs to be allowed inside the house whenever her people are home. She may suit a single or couple where someone can work from home, semi-retirees who adore large dogs or even a family with older, dog-savvy kids or teenagers. She'd love a home with an arctic or Akita experienced family. 
If you adore Akita's and you're looking for love then please contact us to find out more about our sweet Prinny.
Prinny's coat is short and thin currently but it should thicken up over the coming months as she thrives with her new family on a good quality diet.
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