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Siberian Husky
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Female-4 year old-Siberian Husky

Delta is looking for a new home, a special home, the right home. She is unlike any other dogs you've had, in fact you could say Delta is still learning how to 'dog'. 
If you are someone who enjoys a 'project', likes a challenge, is not afraid to break the mould of what 'dog ownership' means then Delta may just be the dog for you. 
You see Delta was rescued from a puppy mill, she's an ex-breeding dog. Having suffered immense neglect at the hands of humans Delta is still learning to trust and slowly beginning to experience the joys of being a much loved companion. 
Having been with us for many months now, Delta is about ready to start the next step of her journey, into a furever home. 
Delta's new home will need to understand that she cannot be made to do things that other dogs do. We will be here to help guide you with her progress, letting her build her confidence and also pushing her gently out of her comfort zone from time to time.
When Delta is unsure, she uses her typical husky solution 101 - stubbornness. 
And that's OK. It's how she copes, and with our help it's also how she learns. 
Adopting Delta will be a mixture of feelings, joy at progress, frustration at setbacks, satisfaction when reflecting on how far she's come and perhaps sadness and yearning for the day she actually finally wants to cuddle on the couch. 
Delta has some 'musts' for her new home to ensure she's able to cope and progress:
- At least one other dog of medium/large size (husky is ideal)
- Confident and well rounded dog (not a fearful, reactive or submissive type)
- No young children (teens & over)
- Must have daily routine
- Secure yard
- No cats, livestock or pocket pets
Since entering our care Delta has made solid progress, she can now:
- be in the same room as people! 
- go for a gentle walk or sit at a cafe (must have another dog)
- visit quiet fenced in dog parks
- loves sleeping in her crate - her 'safe' place
- will take treats from the hand - if they are to her liking!
- approach strangers to around one metre
- understand household routine and patterns like walks, bed time etc
If you want a dog that will focus on you and always be near you - Delta is not the dog for you. 
Whilst huge progress has been made, it is likely she will always prefer the company of other dogs over people. In time we are hopeful that Delta will begin to seek human companionship and even affection.
In situations where she is nervous, outside the home and new locations she will stick close to her Foster Hero so we do know she can form bonds and trust, but it is a slow road to travel. 
Delta can be in the same room or yard as people, including strangers, however her preference at this stage is not to be. She does seem to prefer the outdoors to indoors.
With routine she can be instructed to go to bed of a night time etc
There are some things Delta is not happy about - but she will tolerate them. For example baths and administration of medication. She does need to be cornered and would evade if possible, once captured however she 'puts up with it'. Be prepared for the eyes of betrayal and cold shoulder afterwards though :)
From time to time, Delta has 'bouts of dog' where she may do a little zoomie dance and a round of excitable barks. This kind of progress brings a smile (and maybe a tear) and hope for her to overcome her anxieties.
The other dogs in Delta's new home do need to be of similar or larger size and be confident. Having come from a 'free for all' of dogs she does get along with other dogs but can be pushy around things she wants like food. If the other dog tells her to back off she will, however if the other dog allows her to rule she will take advantage of this. She knows pack order better than she knows people :)
Delta has copied the other dogs re toileting and has not toileted inside. She has free outside access in her foster home, so she does not have a 'signal' as such to tell you she needs to go out.
Delta is desexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, flea & worm treated.

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