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Female-1 year and 7 months old-Siberian Husky

Sienna | 1y 7mo | f | Siberian Husky
Young Sienna is a beautiful girl who despite her short life so far has already experienced multiple tragedies and neglect.
Since coming into care Sienna has learned a lot, but she still has a way to go.
Sienna came to use with no training and no boundaries but her Foster Hero's are doing a great job of instilling some manners.
She is toilet trained for the most part (doesn't have access to bedrooms as she pee's on bed's when no one is looking!!)
She can sit and wait for her dinner meals or treats and is learning to walk nicely on a correction leash.
Sienna has only ever lived in an adult home and whilst she has been appropriate with children she has met we would prefer any children to be aged 12+ , particularly in a multi-dog home where rough play will occur.
Initially Sienna was underweight and generally in poor condition with a terrible coat. As you can see now she is blossoming into a spectacular foxy lady. Sienna will be re-visiting the vet this week to take a look at some instability in her back end. It's possibly just poor confirmation, muscle wastage or it could be a complication from having a litter at a young age with no whelping care or knowledge from her previous 'owners'. Her back legs can slip when running on certain surfaces like tiles and wet floors. Depending on diagnosis Sienna's adoption may be delayed if treatment is advised.
Unfortunately Sienna's lack of manners also extended to other creatures. Cats, birds, pocket pets, livestock you name it - she wants to get it! So her new home must not have any of these.
Sienna likes to interact with other dogs, but she can be rude and will try to take the top spot of the pack, unless she really has to submit. She likes to play in the typical rough husky way so ideally she will have a Husky play mate in her new home. Initially she will try to boss other dogs, but in her foster pack she has settled for spot no 2 after a week of pushing did not budge Mr Kobalt from his throne. Foster sister Akira (who couldn't care who was boss!) is now her bestie and they like to cuddle together on the couch after playing non-stop for hours.
She has always lived with other dogs so we would prefer a companion for her in her new home, however we would consider a home as an only dog provided her owner was home a lot.
Small dogs are a no-go for Sienna at present and she will require further socialisation in this area as she will lunge towards them. Sienna's new furever home will be able to start this acclimatisation process through initial group obedience training which will be paid for by ARV upon adoption.
Sienna has not shown to be an escape artist but will dig a 'Husky hole' to keep cool. She will require 6ft secure fencing and daily exercise in her new home.
Breed experienced preferred.
So if you can look past Sienna's stunning good looks, and into her heart of hearts and think you can provide her with the safe and committed environment she needs to build her confidence and life skills apply now at
MC# 956000005901262



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