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Female-7 years-Siberian Husky

Lexi is a gorgeously natured girl, who is keen to learn but hasn't yet found the right guidance in live. 
Lexi needs a clam and confident owner who'll be able to help her build confidence and overcome nervousness. Lexi's nervousness is not aggressive, she's head shy and will cover, roll over or move away if uncomfortable.

Lexi is very affectionate, she loves to spend time with adults, loves a belly rub and even loves having a brush. Basically she loves anything she can do with her humans. She's in excellent health and would love to go hiking with you, or to the beach (on lead!) or out for a picnic!

Her ideal home would be one with experience in owning larger breeds and if you've coached a dog from nervous to confident before then Lexi could be the perfect fit for you. Lexi will need a home where she's your one and only dog - and boy will she be worth, she'll be all you ever need.

Lexi has shown to be very responsive to gentle corrections and responds well to fair and confident handling. Overly rough handling does not help Lexi. We are confident that in the right home Lexi's nervousness can be substantially reduced within a few weeks given her willingness to learn.

At this stage Lexi's nervousness also extends to unfamiliar dogs and she does need further training in this area. We are looking for an only dog home for Lexi, and someone committed to taking her to an appropriate group obedience school where she can again overcome her nervousness. She has lived with another dog but has trouble meeting new dogs so another dog could be something for the future, but she's not ready for it just yet.

Lexi has very high prey drive and cannot go to a home with other small animals or where she will be in contact with small dogs at all.

Whilst Lexi loves adults, she does not understand children. They are foreign to her and she is inappropriate with them - again not aggressive - but wants to investigate a little too enthusiastically. Unfortunately it's a lack of training which has allowed this in the past, so Lexi will need a home with no children under 12 for now.

So what do you say? Will you be Lexi's rock? Her foundation for her confidence to build? A place where she can finally be 'home'?

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