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Staffordshire Bull Terrier
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JAKE - My notes for Jake simply says "Jake is an absolute LOVE" We'll try and get some more details for you soon. @ 18 month old male Staffordshire. On a recent trial Jake was not good with cats or other dogs. From his former foster Mum He approaches new people with caution (crouched down and timid) - not like many dogs that bound up to strangers. I'm sure he would get more confident though. I did not have him with kids at all. He is high energy so little kids could get knocked over. He had two walks a day with me. He is house trained. Jake went a few times at night inside - i believe only because he was scared to go out in the dark by himself as he used the doggy door well all other times. Jake needs to be in a home that he knows where he is ' in the pack'. He is not a born leader and would prefer someone else to have this role. This came from the dog trainer I sought help from. In our 'pack' my old girl is really the boss so this caused Jake confusion and anxiety. Jake needs to learn more indoor manners (I.e not running inside, standing on tables, paws up on window sill to look out). He never chewed things when I was home but did when I was not there due to anxiety but he was getting a lot better. Because of my other dog I could not limit his access to the house If I had been able to keep him, he would have been a very happy dog being outside during the day and inside when I was home. He never did any damage outside that I saw. Jake waits for his food until the OK is given, sits on command and will come to his name if nothing more interesting is happening. He was making great progress of walking on the lead. He had very mixed reactions to other dogs and did show aggression to some, esp black Labradors or dogs that growled or had a go at him. I did have to break up several fights. As a result, I rarely could have him off the lead( i.e when no other dogs were around). An ideal home for him would be as the only dog or a home that has a definite leader. He was usually submissive to my old girl. A lot of their play was a power struggle in disguise. When walking past dogs barking behind fences, he never reacted to them. Jake also likes to chase the water from the hose, his chew toys (the squeaky ones were his favourite ). He's a beautiful boy who just needs the right place.


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