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This is Lilly from the pound. Unfortunately the same story for all cat mums and their kittens that end up in the pounds. Kittens are snapped up and adopted but their sweet mums are left there.  But Lilly is such a beautiful girl we saved her from the pound and Alison has fostered her.  She is a very quiet loving young cat, only about 12 months old and this girl will love you forever. Lilly is quite happy with the other cats at Alison’s place.  We do ask that our cats are kept indoors or in cat runs 24/7 to respect our wildlife, the safety of the cat and the rights of your neighbours. To meet Lilly please contact Alison on 0438 596 723 *The adoption fee includes microchipping on the NSW Companion Animal Register, desexing, F4 vaccination, intestinal worm and flea treatment. Council registration for rescue cats in NSW is $27.50 and $23 for pensioners.This fee applies from 18/7/2016 Best outcomesFor the best possible outcome for each adoption we do prefer that you come to usand meet the cat or kitten in person. Please note: Even though you may be first to call, this does not always guarantee you will be chosen to adopt. By no means do we run on a “first in, first served basis”. We aim to ensure that our animals are adopted into the most suitable home for them and the new family.For the safety of your cat, the protection of our wildlife and respect for your neighbours, we ask that our cats are indoor 24/7.Here is a link to some excellent info on keeping indoor cats, Read more… This is Mim. From the pound, we probably wouldn’t have taken this girl in even... This is beautiful seven month old pure white snow. She is another little lost soul... These pretty tabby and white youngsters are so loving and quiet. They are brothers and... Look at this gorgeous little lady. With her soft black coat, cute white markings on... Addo and Adon are adorable male five month old ginger and white kittens. These adorable... Tigger is a five month old gorgeous tabby male kitten. He is a pretty boy...


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