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Breed: Female Domestic Medium Hair

Age/DOB: 2 years 4 months

Say hi to Jezebel!

A beautiful, confident girl who would love to have a canine brother or sister (maybe) with a human or two to looooove. Jez has no fear of her foster doggy sibling Buster and they are quite happy to live harmoniously together.

When her foster folks get home from work, Jez bounds to the door for hellos and pats, then produces a ping pong ball from somewhere to play foot tennis with. She loves the 30 ping pong balls hiding under all of the cupboards in her environment. Jez even plays kitty paw ping pong.

Jez thinks pats are awesome, cuddles are to be enjoyed, and she adores the keyboard seat, spreading her tail over one edge with the front paws just resting over the other side of the keyboard. It is such fun to see the letters, shapes and numbers appear on the screen. The back of the couch, just so the tail end tickles the humans ears is a good place to listen to conversation. And belly rubs? Mmmmm, there are never enough!

Jez delights in having a perve out the kitchen window when day happening is fun. Her foster mum has a box with a blanket set up on her drawing board and on the kitchen table, they are good places for resting and watching the world go by. Jez really is a wonderful companion. She loves to help out with the house chores, whatever they may be. Sorting the cupboard, cleaning the fish tank out or making the bed. It is all just good fun. Her new home will be with someone who is about most of the day for Jez to keep them company.

“I love food,” says Jez. “One cannot create chankles (chunky ankles) like this without persisting with the nose in the bowl. Gravy tucker and good kibble is most appreciated.”

Her purrs are very, very loud, particularly when Jez is snuggling with her loved ones.

An amazing puss with a powerful personality who just adores being loved.

Jezebel is located in Bendigo.

Microchip Number: 956 000 008 242 335

Medical Notes:

Happy, healthy girl.

All our cats are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, fleatreated as
necessary and if over 12 months FIV tested.

Adoption Fee: $250


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