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Simba is a four year old female medium coated tabby and white cat. She is a beautiful girl once she learns to trust you. She is very timid and will hide from new people or if there is a lot of noise around – so she wouldn’t really be suited for a house with young children. She came to me because she wasn’t coping in the house with the other foster animals as well, so it’s hard to say how she is with other pets. It took her a few months to really shine and once she is comfortable and trusts you, she is so gorgeous. She loves to play and will spend all day on her back getting her belly rubbed if she could. She also playfully attacks when she has had enough. Putting on your shoes is always a challenge and every morning without fail she annoys my son when he is trying to put on his school shoes, playing with his laces and sitting on his feet. She loves the men in this house! They belong to her and as soon as either one of them walk in the house, she follows them, chatting away and once they sit down, she is on their lap. She will talk to you a lot too She loves her food but can be fussy. I believe she was fed fresh meat most days before she came to me so enjoys that when she can but will also eat a variety of food. She loves lying in the sun on the window ledge all day watching the world go by and sleeping . She will come outside though when we are out there. She would be a great addition to an older smallish family or an elderly person who will spoil her. She is a great cat with a hilarious personality! We had her clipped in summer as she wasn’t coping with her heavy coat and she just became a new cat and really came out of her shell. If you would like to express your interest in Simba please contact Lorraine on 0432 397 784   Simba’s vital stats (click to expand the crosses) Here we have some beautiful adorable cats of various ages and sexes who are all... Simplicity and Mousse are both about two years old and are tabby and white and... My name’s Misty. I am a five year old female grey and white Persian cross.... Meet the very beautiful Sylvia. This lovely long coated black lady is in need of... These adorable little kitties are Olivia and Munch. They are both litter trained and are... Tommy is a ten week old male kitten. Tommy and his sister Tori were left...


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