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Kelpie X Staffordshire Bull Terrier
female female


Female, Kelpi Staffy x
7 yrs old

''Cheeky, friendly and affectionate.''

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Other dogs.
Ruby is currently a social and friendly dog. She can be very ‘kelpie like’ barking at dogs if they are play fighting. She may try and round up groups of dogs or fixate on another dog - chasing and barking. As other dogs have stolen her ball one too many times she can growl if dogs come near her ball. She runs up to play with dogs she knows but approaches new dogs with caution, especially if smaller.


Yes. While Ruby rarely jumps up on kids, all dogs can accidentally knock a toddler over. We routinely recommend any kids be primary school aged or older and only if gentle and dog savvy. Most dogs do not cope with a loud or chaotic environment and do not like rough play.  

25 kgs

Exercise requirements.
Ruby ranges from high to medium energy. She may forgive an occasional missed run in the park but any longer then a day and she starts to bounce off the walls!

How is this dog on a lead?
Ruby is very strong and could pull a frail or young person over during the normal, initial excitement of a walk. She settles down nicely after a while. 

How is this dog off the lead?
Ruby’s recall can be good but does suffer from ‘selective’ hearing – this can be anticipated during times where she is really excited or fixated on other things. 

Escape artist.
Keep in mind, Ruby is very smart ☺ She will go into ‘stealth mode’ and quietly wander off to explore if someone leaves the gate or door open. You will need a secure yard with normal 6' colour bond fencing that cannot be dug under. 

Nuisance barker or destructive.
Ruby rarely barks but will alert to something strange. She likes to chew sticks and her toys. She has never chewed anything inside except for a few teddies she stole from kids. However, if you ignore any dog, especially smart ones, for lengthy periods they usually resort to entertaining themselves by chewing on something you find important. 

Toilet trained.

Tolerance to being alone.
Yes however, preference will be given to homes where she does not spend long periods of time alone – we don’t want her sleeping her life away because her family is time poor. 

Fetching anything - balls, frisbees, sticks. She also enjoys playing with other dogs.  Other past times include chewing bones, sticks, chew toys, toys with food and food in general - she can over eat if fed too much. But by far her most favourite thing is the company of her family - cuddles and pats make Ruby very content. Ruby also loves kids, sleeping in the sun, swimming at the beach / river and car rides.
Ruby does not like being yelled at or eating out of stainless steel bowls. She definitely doesn't like dogs trying to mount her. She may get a bit cranky if she is allowed to play tug of war with another dog. She does not like conflict - if children are play ‘fighting’ she will bark and try to stop the fight and she is the same with dogs playing e.g. tug of war.

Ideal home.
If you want a devoted and loyal companion, Ruby will appeal. This breed is very smart and benefits with a firm but kind owner. You will need to have plenty of time for daily exercise and also a good sized, secure yard. Ruby is NOT a loner, happiest when she is close to those she loves. Ruby needs a home where people are overtly affectionate as she is quite a ‘snugglier’ -  at times a lap dog. Being smart she may steal food if unsupervised. She will not suit homes where residents are very young, frail, elderly or time poor. 

Ruby is a happy, friendly dog who will protect her family. She likes to rough and tumble with bigger dogs but is gentle and calm with little dogs. Ruby likes to swim after other dogs', fetch toys but she won't dare touch them leaving toys stranded at times! Hamburgers are her favourite food to steal. Ruby is predictable, cute, cheeky and very affectionate.


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