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Lincoln & Villandra
Lincoln & Villandra
Lincoln & Villandra
Maltese X
female female

Lincoln & Villandra Breed: Small Male Maltese x & Small female Chihuahua x

Age/DOB: Lincoln 7/03/2015, Villandra 5/06/15
Weight: Bruce 5.25 kgs; Villandra 5 kgs

Please note: Villandra and Lincoln fell in love at first sight and we will be rehoming them as a pair.

Villi has not had the best start in life but is now a healthy young lady ready to be the first four legged socialite to explore everything Victoria has to offer. She loves travelling by car but also enjoys her walks and shakes with excitement when her harness comes out. Villi walks well on the lead even sits for it to be put on and is learning that meeting new doggy friends and discovering new smells is a great pastime when you have a buddy to share it with.

Sometimes a little intimidated by the bigger dogs around she is happy amongst them when they are calm and gains confidence from her well socialised foster brother whom she looks to for reassurance.

Villi's other love are the two legged members of the family and she spends evenings curled up with one or other sharing her affection equally. She is crate trained, clean in the house, knows sit and will go to her bed when requested. Villi loves a paddle in her pool and a carrot as a treat but particularly enjoys snuggling up under the covers with her humans if she's allowed. But beware she does snore!

And now Lincoln.. He is not for the person who wants just a cute dog to baby. Don't be misled by those pretty boy looks. Lincoln is a high energy, highly smart, always on the go kind of guy. He is HILARIOUS and has a very funny and entertaining personality.

Lincoln needs a lot of stimulation... and whilst he is extremely cuddly and LOVES to snuggle up on your lap... he also needs to be taken for big walks (he would actually make a great jogging partner) and tired-out physically as well as mentally.

But at this stage, He is not yet the type of dog you can take to a dog park/relax at a cafe with. At this stage, Lincoln barks and displays signs of aggression towards other dogs he meets out and about. With a controlled 'meet and greet' and doing his training, he can be introduced to other dogs really well - hence him ADORING his foster brother and sister.

His training has improved him dramatically - he can now walk past a dog on the other side of the road without him totally losing it and he has the potential to just get better and better as he is SO SMART AND EAGER TO PLEASE AND IS A PLEASURE TO TRAIN!

So we are looking for someone who is really excited about the challenge and committing to his training and furthering him to be the best lil Linky he can be. He has SO MUCH LOVE to give, and really deserves someone who is passionate about him and enjoying the journey with him.

Microchip Number: Lincoln 956000004512620, Villandra 956000004078502

Medical Notes:

Villandra has been successfully treated for demodex mange. Whilst over time her missing hair will continue to regrow she is now a healthy, happy little girl.

All our dogs are desexed, C5 vaccinated with intranasal, microchipped, wormed, fleatreated and if over 12 months heartworm tested.

Adoption Fee: $1050 for Lincoln and Villandra


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