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Scrappy Doo & Shaggy

	Scrappy Doo & Shaggy
Scrappy Doo & Shaggy
Australian Silky Terrier X
male male

Scrappy Doo & Shaggy

Male Jack Russel X (10yrs) and
Male Silky Terrier X (6yrs)

arrange to meet these dogs Other dogs?
Yes. When let off the lead to socialise Shaggy won't go and join in but prefers to stay close to his owner however, if a dog approaches him he is friendly towards them. Scrappy Doo may get vocal with another dog who rushes into his space unexpectedly but it doesn’t tend to escalate. He doesn’t like surprises.


Yes however, we recommend any kids be primary school aged or older and only if gentle and calm. Little dogs don’t tend to like chaotic or loud households and this is especially true for Shaggy.

Scrappy Doo 14 kgs. Shaggy 9 kgs.

Exercise requirements?
Medium to Low. They enjoy short strolls or playtime at home. Shaggy is less adventurous and more of a ‘home bod’.

How is this dog on a lead?
Shaggy is well behaved but Scrappy Doo will initially be excited but settles down.

How is this dog off the lead?
Scrappy Doo will get a bit ahead of you but when you call, he comes back. Shaggy won't leave your side even when off the lead.

Escape artist?
Scrappy Doo is an opportunist and will take advantage of a gate inadvertently left open. Shaggy may dig out of boredom if left for long periods of time but not to escape.

Nuisance barker or destructive?
Scrappy Doo will alert you if something strange or interesting is about but not usually over night. Shaggy likes to dig holes in the garden, especially if bored.

Toilet trained?

Tolerance to being alone.
Yes if he has another dog for company.

The dogs like playing with each other. Scrappy likes to go for a drive in the car and going for walks. Shaggy is a bit more reserved and prefers to play with his family, especially kids.

Scrappy Doo is the alert dog – conscious of things happening on the other side of the fence. Shaggy is more wary, making noises when picked up and shying away from loud noises like traffic.

Ideal home.
A home where people have the time to actively play, interact and exercise the dogs. They will suit homes with small to medium secure yards. They will not suit homes with very young, frail, elderly or time poor residents.  

Both dogs are friendly, social and affectionate. While they are very found of each other they both have very different personalities.
Scrappy Doo is a bit lazy and likes to lay flat on his belly while he eats from his dinner bowl. He is a little over weight J. Shaggy is more reserved and won't leave your side if given the chance.


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