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Cattle Dog (Australian)
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Neo is a very sweet boy. He has such a kind nature, loves to cuddle and always has a smile on his face. He loves to play, especially with his foster brother. They play bitey face all the time except for when they have to stop for a nap. Neo came to us with very little training and was hesitant to even sit at first. Now he can sit and wait for his food and even waits for his foster brother to start first. He knows how to stay on his spot and sleeps there all night in our room. He was toilet trained when we got him. He would need a bit of training if he were to be an outside dog as he can be quite vocal if he wants to come in both day and night. Other times, when he wants to play or go outside he tries to talk to you, doing the cutest little grumble sounds. I don’t think he would suit small children as he is unaware of his size and can be a bit rough. He does also use his mouth sometimes but he does it in a gentle manner. He has learned a lot from his foster brother and follows him around everywhere taking cues from him to learn what is expected. He barks at strangers walking past however if he were on his own I don’t think it would be as much as the two of them stir each other up. In the evenings he loves to cuddle up to you on the couch and give you lots of hugs and kisses, sometimes he things he is a lap dog and wants to sit right on top of you. Neo is not bad on the lead but has a very strong pull if something grabs his attention, usually i can distract him from it. Some training would need to be done before allowing him off lead. He knows his name and usually will come if called. He loves chew toys and is very good at destroying them. He doesn’t chew anything else like shoes etc but sometimes can mistake items on the floor as his toys. He likes to play tug of war with us and his foster brother and loves to follow me wherever I am and sit by my feet if I’m working. Neo would suit living somewhere he can get lots of cuddles, pats and attention, possibly with another dog to play with or dog friends to visit. He is friendly with everyone he has met both people and dogs. He knows how to relax when it’s needed and also loves to initiate fun and play. His great nature makes him very open to training and he just wants to please. Neo will be greatly missed when he’s gone by us and his foster brother, he has been a pleasure to have.  


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