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Bull Arab X Rhodesian Ridgeback
male male


Staffy, Bull Arab, Ridgeback X
Male, 2 yrs old

Playful, affectionate and eager to please. 

arrange to meet ace If listed here please be reassured ACE is still available. After reading the profile below please complete the Expression of Interest form if you would like to meet him to assess suitability. 

Other dogs?
Yes. Ace loves to play and is enthusiastic about meeting new friends. Other boisterous dogs may intimidate Ace.  

It may work but preference will be given to homes without cats. Ace seems to be unsure of neighbouring cats - barking at them or running away.  After meeting them Ace seemed to be inquisitive.

Ace is unaware of his size and strength. He means well but has accidentally knocked over a small child. Preference will be given to homes where any kids are primary school aged or older. 

40 kgs.

Exercise requirements?
Medium - playful and energetic. Ace loves to play with everyone. He enjoys playing chasey and will run around people whilst they pretend to catch him. Ace enjoys playing with his toys by himself – launching them airborne before chasing after them. Ace’s favourite thing in the world is running up and down the beach or the park.

How is this dog on a lead?
Ace is usually well behaved but has a strong pull when he sees something exciting (like another dog). 

How is this dog off the lead?
Ace usually stays by your side or comes closer when called. Occasionally he runs off to another dog but will come after calling (could be after multiple calls though).

Escape artist?
No. Ace only attempts to wonder if a gate has been inadvertently left open, especially if he has not had his daily exercise. He will need a secure yard. 

Nuisance barker or destructive?
He will bark to alert you to something strange. He has been quiet in a large yard without frequent passers by but more vocal in a small court yard with a lot of traffic. He tends to chew when bored. 

Toilet trained?

Tolerance to being alone.
Yes however, preference will be given to homes where he has either human or animal company.

Ace likes plenty of affection, playing at the beach or park, his red bone toy and playing fetch. In the summer Ace thoroughly enjoys sitting in his own clamshell paddle pool. He also loves going for drives. 

Ace is occasionally fearful of new people on his property, taking a few minutes to warm up and start playing. 

Ideal home.
As Ace is a social dog he will thrive in a home where he has oodles of love and affection. A large back yard is preferable and he also needs to be taken on outings regularly. He will suit families, singles and active retirees. Ace will not suit homes where residents are young, frail, elderly or time poor. 

Ace is a very smart boy and is easy to train. He responds to numerous commands including sit, wait, here, on your bed, no, down, inside, in the back (of the car), lay down and out. He can moderate his own food intake, eating only when hungry. 

Ace is extremely affectionate and loves company. He is a great beach dog but is also happy at the park – just watch his face light up. 

Ace is a regrettable re-homing and has not been neglected or abused. This is a rare chance to adopt a smart, young, loveable and well-adjusted dog. 


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