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Cattle Dog (Australian) X
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Laurel is an approx 2-3 year old Australian Cattle Dog x (the vet thinks he is half Dalmatian!). For the lucky person he chooses as his own, he is a loyal and incredibly easygoing companion. He is happiest when he can be curled quietly at your feet – whether at home on the couch or out at a café. He will walk happily on a lead and doesn’t pull – although the lead is only for show! He will rarely leave your side and, if he does, will return immediately when called.

He is OK being left alone or with other dogs in the backyard during the day, and will quietly and patiently wait for you to return home when you have to go out – although he would prefer a home where his person is with him as much as possible, or that has other dogs to keep him company. He gets along well with his doggy foster brothers and sister, and would really like to be friends with the cats (unfortunately they aren’t so keen, so he just leaves them alone!).  He gains a lot of confidence from being around other dogs as he is settling in – but once he has chosen his person he would prefer your company to running or playing with them.  He absolutely adores children and is fascinated by babies, and is very gentle with his human foster siblings.
Unfortunately something in his past has left Laurel very anxious and timid around people.  If he could just decide his foster dad wasn’t scary then his foster mum will officially declare herself a crazy dog lady and adopt him on the spot, but unfortunately despite his foster dad’s best efforts he is terrified of men in particular.  His ideal home would be with one or two nice ladies who will shower him with love and long walks on the beach (or anywhere else – he isn’t fussy and even just a stroll around the block is a wonderful adventure).

There are a couple of things that are going to be essential to convincing Laurel that he can be safe and happy in a new home.  Firstly, he needs to be somewhere in the Canberra region so that his foster mum and doggy foster siblings can be available to help ease his transition to any new home.  He will also need a lot of love and patience to let him come out of his shell and trust people in his own time.  If you think you might be the girl to give Laurel the happily ever after he truly deserves, then he would love to meet you and see if he can be your Prince Charming!!!
To meet, adopt or find out more details about Laurel, please read our page on the adoption process and then fill out our adoption questionnaire. Please note that completing the application form does not place you under any obligation to adopt 


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