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Sheikh & Rosie

	Sheikh & Rosie
Sheikh & Rosie
Doberman Pinscher
female female

Sheikh & Rosie

Doberman Pinschers
Male & Female, 7 yrs & 6 yrs

This devoted pair must be re-homed together.

meet shiekh & Rosie Located Coolbellup WA 6163
Not available for interstate adoption. 

Playful, loyal and gentle. 
Other dogs. 


Yes but a child might accidentally be knocked. Sheikh tends to be more gentle and has always been fine with kids. Rosie is usually okay too but when kids are excited she gets excited too ☺ If you have kids we recommend they be teenagers and older.

38 kgs each

Exercise requirements. 
Medium - playful and energetic. They love playing together as you can see in the movie.

How is this dog on a lead? 
Well behaved. They have obedience collars and these will come with them but they are rarely needed.

How is this dog off the lead? 
They usually stay close by and come when called. They sometimes explore the surroundings a bit further than usual but always remaining within sight.

Escape artist. 

Nuisance barker or destructive. 
They will alert you if something strange is about which is very reassuring. Both are very intelligent dogs and need mental stimulation hence, it is not surprising that Sheikh might start chewing the garden if he is not interacted with and exercised for long periods.

Toilet trained. 

Tolerance to being alone. 
Yes – as long as they have each other.

Sheikh and Rosie love walking in parks and adventures at the beach – although you should be cautious on uneven surfaces as it is not good for their joints (common vet advise). They love all dog safe foods and treats plus getting lots of pats. If you cuddle them they can sit with you for hours.

They are both wary of the vacuum cleaner and they're not big swimmers. Most of all they dislike being isolated from their human family.

Ideal home. 
If you are away during the day they will need a good sized yard to play in and explore. You will need to have the time to commit to two large dogs that thrive on affection. Experience with large dogs would be an advantage. They will not suit folks who are time poor or where there are very young or frail residents. As the dogs are very smart you will need to be in control and set boundaries in order to keep an easy harmony otherwise you might find something is nabbed from the kitchen counter ☺ Firm but kind.

They love each other to bits. Whenever one has a toy, the other decides that’s a good idea and picks one up too. If Sheikh wants something he generally sits until you give it to him – clever boy. 
These amazing dogs both have individual personalities and will be your devoted and loyal companions. Homecomings are always a daily pleasure as they greet you with enthusiasm and excitement. 
Strangers often comment on how beautiful and well behaved they are. If you need a stress reliever, sitting down and giving them pats and cuddles is the best therapy you can get.


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