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Cow Boy
Cow Boy
Cow Boy
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3 years 6 months Domestic Short Hair
Cow Boy, also known as “Mr. Cowby” or just “Cowbs”, is a very cute little (chunky) guy with markings a bit like a dairy moo cow. He’s got a chubby face with big, soulful eyes. His frame is small, his legs are skinny, and he has tiny paws, but his belly is rather large! His meals need to be carefully measured so he doesn’t overeat. And beware, he will steal other cats’ food.
Since coming into foster care, Cow Boy has gone from a hissy, spitty little mite to a full grown cat of the sweetest temperament. Cow Boy is generally not an athlete, and spends a lot of his time lazing around. However, he has been known to go crazy in play-mode, even if these spurts of energy don’t last long and have a certain ‘uncoordinated’ quality. He loves the company of other cats, and is generally the first to make any new arrivals feel welcome. He has a lot of love to give, not only to his humans but to his fellow animals.
His nightly ritual is to snuggle up to his human, VERY close. He likes to flop down so that he’s lying against the human’s slope. But beware – he’s just a bit less coordinated than your average cat, and has sometimes fallen off the bed while flopping or rolling over! He also purrs like a trooper when he’s being patted, and you may need to watch out for droplets of drool.
During his time in temporary foster care recently (lasting a month), Cow Boy didn’t really show his face much, though his temp carer could hear him playing at night! It could take him a few months to really settle in a new home. But when he does relax, and start to show his personality, you will find him to be one of the most beautiful kitties you’ll ever meet. He is a gentle, sweet soul and if you give him a chance, you will see that the only choice is to love him to bits!
It would be great if Cow Boy could be adopted with his brother Gin Gin ( ), as they are both terrified by change and would benefit from having something familiar in a new home.
** PLEASE NOTE: all HAART cats are to be adopted as indoor only cats for their safety and to comply with the legal requirements of the Cat Act. HAART recommends the use of Oscillot cat fencing or feline safe Catio’s/portable caboodle to ensure they have access to the outdoors. Please ask us for information on other suitable products **


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