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Gin Gin
Gin Gin
Gin Gin
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3 years 7 months Domestic Short Hair
Gin Gin is a beautiful, skinny boy with a very long tail that waves around like a streamer he’s not sure what to do with. His fur is soooo soft!
He’s timid with strangers, and may always be, but when he gets used to people he is more likely to play like a mad thing than hide away. When he’s been checked over by vets in the past, Gin Gin has been easy for them to handle. One thing he dislikes is having his face touched, and so he gets a bit terrified when his foster mum kisses his face! He also hates having to swallow pills.
Gin Gin is not demanding of time and attention, except for those times when he insists on getting a pat and sitting on your lap. He has proven to be a purr machine, and can be heard from right across the room. At bed time and in the morning he loves to greet his person in bed for a bit of a snuggle. He doesn’t really like to sit in one spot while snuggling, though – he prefers to walk this way, then that, over your lap again and again.
Gin Gin is a gentle soul at heart. He would best suit a home where he can take time to settle. He enjoys the company of other cats, though with new cats he can be a little hissy at first. He adores the resident cats in his foster home, and meows and trills at them if they are outside – he wants them to come in and be his friend! It would be great if he can be adopted with his brother Cow Boy ( ), as they are both terrified by change and would benefit from having something familiar in a new home.
** PLEASE NOTE: all HAART cats are to be adopted as indoor only cats for their safety and to comply with the legal requirements of the Cat Act. HAART recommends the use of Oscillot cat fencing or feline safe Catio’s/portable caboodle to ensure they have access to the outdoors. Please ask us for information on other suitable products **


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