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female Nala - please see her main post for more photos and details

Pricing: Dogs are $250 each or $275 delivered to Northern suburbs of Adelaide. Cats are $100. ~ Adoption price for dogs include vaccinations, desexing and micro-chipping. All dogs at the shelter are also treated with Sentinel Spectrum. ~Adoption price for cats include vaccinations and desexing
Hold Policy: Any animal may be placed on hold providing a 50% deposit is paid. The animal will be held for one week and if not collected will once again be available for adoption (unless alternative arrangements are made).
Notes: Volunteer notes are a guide only. It is nearly impossible to give an accurate assessment in a shelter environment.
Trial Period: We encourage a two week trial period. This does not apply to young puppies as they generally come with no prior baggage.
Desexing of Puppies: Depending on the size and breed some puppies are desexed at 4 months of age. If you purchase a puppy between the ages of 8 weeks and 4 months that hasn\'t been desexed as yet you will need to get the puppy desexed at our vet free of charge. All ownership rights and paperwork for the puppy, including microchip papers, remain the property of the shelter. This is not negotiable
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